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LMS provides complete post-tension cable supply and install services through our 2 PTI Certified plants in Surrey, BC and Corona, CA. We seamlessly supply, install and extrude post-tensioning cables. Our Post Tensioning systems use the latest post-tensioning technology, meeting all of the requirements of the Michigan-based Post-Tensioning Institute (PTI).  This extruded sheathing system is much improved over early PT systems and is accepted as the industry standard across North America today.

Why Use Post-Tensioning Cable?

The use of Post Tensioning  allows for:

  • Shallower beams
  • Thinner floors
  • Few columns 

The Results:

  • Reduced project costs
  • Abbreviated construction schedules
  • More open spaces

 Applications for Post Tensioning

  • High rise buildings – residential, commercial, parking structures
  • Bridges
  • Slab on Ground for ground-supported residential foundations on shrink-swell soils
  • Rock and Soil Anchors
  • Repair Rehabilitation and Strengthening

What is Post-Tensioning?

Post-Tensioning (PT) is a method of strengthening concrete with high-strength steel cables.  Greased cables are encased in a plastic sheathing, which is embedded in the concrete beam or floor slab.  Once the concrete is hardened, the cables inside the sheathing are tensioned.  This strengthens the concrete and minimizes deflection.

Post Tension systems are used extensively in U.S. jurisdictions and are widely seen as the most cost effective means of concrete reinforcement. It is used in all concrete structures, from driveways to high rises.  And as the benefits of modern Post Tension systems become better known to the Canadian construction community, its use continues to grow.

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