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Vancouver’s LMS enters California market through acquisition

By Nelson Bennett | March 17, 2016

The acquisition of a rebar fabricating company in Bakersfield by LMS Reinforcing Steel Group will not only allow the Vancouver company to get in on a construction boom in the Los Angeles-San Diego area, it will also allow the smaller company it is buying to get in on some larger projects, says LMS CEO and co-founder Ron McNeil.

LMS just recently completed the acquisition of Johasee Rebar in Bakersfield, California. It is LMS’s third acquisition since its founding in 1987.

LMS and Johasee are both in the fabrication and installation of rebar, which consists of steel rods used to reinforce concrete in construction.

LMS has fabrication shops in Surrey and Calgary and does most of its work in Western Canada.

It has worked on most of the largest construction projects in the Lower Mainland, including Trump Tower, and is also working on the Vancouver House highrise project.


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Vancouver’s LMS enters

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