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Pat Bob – 30 Years with LMS!

30 years in any relationship is a huge feat; 30 years with the same company is a remarkable achievement. Pat Bob started working with LMS in September 1990; Pat reminisces, “I was bending dowels with Ron and Ivan all day on a tiny little job. I remember it well.”

At the age of 24, Pat left Prince Rupert looking for a new beginning. He drove his $400 Datson (that he bugged his parents to buy for him) and found his way to LMS. Through the years, Pat preserved through life’s challenges and built a strong reputation for himself. For many years now, clients ask for Pat by name for their jobsites. This is a great complement and a testament to Pat’s knowledge, skill, capability and commitment.

His career experience includes the following iconic projects: The Shangri-La, Trump Tower and the Vancouver House.

When you ask Pat about his tenure with LMS, he remarks, “30 years is easy to do when you are working for people like Ron and Ivan. I will always love them both.”

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